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Scientific activity

Scientific activities conducted at the War Studies University includes statutory activity which is guided by the basic organizational units and scientific research that have been identified as a measure to achieve the best development of young scientists,  graduate students and sci-entific research or development projects for national defense and security car-ried out under the strategic research agendas. The University conducts research in the field of social sciences, primarily in the discipline of science for security and defense.

The University also provides research services for the needs of state security system and the Polish Armed Forces. It educates and promotes scientific staff, conducts scientific advice and expert activity in the field of national defense and security. Using the experience gained by Polish officers in international structures, the University collects unique analytical research material which is the basis for the creation of modern organizational and technological tools of command and management in situations of war and crisis.

The scope of the research conducted at the University covers the issues concerning mainly:

  • conditioning of Poland’s security in the context of allied obligations, European integration, as well as globalization,
  • diagnosis of the national security system as well as the prognostication of the course of its development,
  • conditioning and concepts of national defensive preparations including defence capability comprising among others a subsystem of management of the national defence system, the Polish Armed Forces, special forces operating in the sphere of defence as well as industrial defence potential,
  • establishment of new solutions for the benefit of combined operations as well as planning activities during national, allied and multinational combined military operations and crisis management,
  • development of operational capabilities of Polish Armed Forces and creating the concept of the use of the armed forces and types of forces in the modern battlefield;
  • application of simulation systems used to train the headquarters and the staffs of the Polish Armed Forces and NATO,
  • perfection of the Polish crisis management system including the use of the Polish Armed Forces,
  • education in the field of security and defence.

The  primary purpose of scientific research and development work is the practi-cal application of the results obtained especially for the development of the ability of the Polish Armed Forces as well as the institutions responsible for se-curity of the state and citizens.

In the field of scientific activities, the University seeks to enhance cooperation and stronger ties between the final recipient and industry as well as research – development sector, in particular in terms of joint financing and commercialization of research results. For the implementation of research activities the War Studies University cooperates with research cen-ters in the country and abroad. The results of the cooperation are projects implemented un-der the European Defence Agency and research programs under the auspices of the European Union.