Conference under the program: "Science for Peace and Security"

On November 21-22, 2018, Warsaw will host the first conference in Poland under the NATO Programme: "Science for Peace and Security". The main organizers of the event are: the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Representation of the Republic of Poland to NATO, co-organizers: the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The place of implementation and host of the conference will be the War Study University.

The meeting aims to promote an allied cooperation support program between NATO member countries and partner countries, based on research, technological innovation and knowledge exchange.

In the first part (general) the participants will be familiarized with the rules of the Science for Peace and Security Program (SPS) and the mechanisms for applying for grants and co-financing of research and development projects in the area of security and defense. The employees of NATO Headquarters and representatives of the partner country participating in a specific SPS project will talk about cooperation experiences.

The second part of the meeting will include meetings in four workshop groups, aimed at exchanging experiences, associating experts and finding potential partners for projects under the SPS program. The topics of the sessions in groups will focus on the following issues:

  •     Cyber-defense, cyber-security;
  •     Defense against Weapon of Mass Destruction;
  •     Women and safety;
  •     New technologies and security;


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