International Cooperation Office - tasks and contact

The Office also fulfils the tasks related to the participation of the Academy in sectoral programs of the European Union. The Office is composed of: 1) the international cooperation team; 2) the Bologna Process team.

The University actively cooperates with many foreign partners, both within the scope of bilateral as well as multilateral relations. The greatest share in this cooperation concerns NATO and the European Union, as well as traditional partners from the United States, France, the United Kingdom and all the closest neighbouring states which are members of NATO and the EU.

The University participates in a number of programmes offered by NATO and the European Union to their partners, inter alia, NATO's Defence Education Enhancement Program (DEEP).

As part of the Erasmus Program, the University cooperates with 48 European universities (including 9 "military" institutions). Every year, the number of students of the University who travel to study at foreign universities is growing dynamically, just like the number of foreign students studying at the WSU. Every year, also the number of foreign officers – students or participants of courses offered at the University in Polish and English is increasing.

The University participates in a few multinational forums, such as the International Society on Military Sciences (ISMS) encompassing defence universities from the West and North European states (plus Canada) and the Central European Forum on Military Education (CEFME) gathering defence universities from the Central European and North European states, from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic and the Black Sea).
In  recent years,  lectures at the University have been increasingly often delivered in English such as guest lectures by world-famous visiting professors.


Director: Luiza SOWIŃSKA

phone: (+48) 261 813 594
mobile: (+48) 887 777 504

Head of the Bologna Process Team (ERASMUS+): Olga ŚCIGAŁA-KARPIŃSKA

phone: (+48) 261 814 240
mobile: (+48) 608 023 406